All of us are so much conscious about the security of our life and wealth. It is not started today; it has been started from the post. The Jaminders and rich people used to keep some of the manual security guards for their property, wealth and body. These manual guards were not able to secure us all the time restlessly.

That is the reason; the modern science has invented new kind of systems that is called CCTV (Closed Circuit Camera Television) system. For the security purpose, we are not able to avoid that kind of manual security personnel. After getting the signals from the CCTV, the manual guards come to prevent the situations. But the work and performance of the CCTV is not avoidable. The days have passed and in place of CCTV or security cameras we have now got the Wireless CCTV cameras.

There are two kinds of wireless CCTV cameras, one is wireless CCTV cameras and the other is wired CCTV cameras. The work of the both is almost similar to each other but some of the criteria are different. With those cameras, you will get a set of DVR. With the wireless CCTV you will get the wireless DVR that can take the signals of the cameras and side by side it will be able to read the format and convert it to the viewable format to make it view to the TV display.

The camera takes all that happens in front of it and sends it to the DVR. The DVR capacity varies according to the cost of it. According to the need of the connective cameras, the cost of the DVR and the wireless CCTV cameras depend.

There are many kinds of wireless CCTV cameras. The choice of CCTV camera depends on the use of place. According to the need of the place, you will be able to take that kind of CCTV. In the rain you will be able to get water proof CCTV cameras and some of the companies are producing the auto light emitting wireless CCTV cameras that can be used in the dark.

These type of cameras are highly used in the places where twenty four hours of camera surveillance has been needed like the big corporate offices, government offices, hotels, hospitals etc. in time of purchasing this kind of wireless CCTV cameras, you have to take care of the lens of them that is responsible for capturing pictures.